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My charity Children Helping Children

So, after a few years of raising thousands of dollars for charities I started wanting to know where all this money was going to. My mom told me that it was going for good. I asked her what kind of good. She told me if I ever really wanted to know where my charity money was going, I would need to start one myself.

I thought about this for a long time. I didn’t want to buy kids socks, or shoes or food. I figured some of these other charities were giving them that kind of stuff. I wanted to bring kids FUN! I figured ALL kids love to have fun.
So then I thought about where I love to go for fun. I love amusement parks.

So almost three years ago, I started a charity called Children Helping Children. This was the same time that the war in Iraq was starting so I thought it would be good to do something for kids who have parents fighting for our country.

I had meetings with several stores who were selling my cd to let them know about the charity. They were, almost, all extremely agreeable. Then I had to talk with several owners of “fun” amusement parks. And, they went excited too. So, I started donating $2 from each of my cd’s sold to Children Helping Children.
When I’m out performing I also donate the $2 on all of my cd’s sold.

I collect the money and hand deliver it to different amusement parks. One of my favorites is the Funtasticks Amusement Park and Fiddlesticks Amusement Parks. At a great price, I buy all day passes. Then, my mom drives me to military bases. We have made several trips to the Davis Monthan Air Base. I have several contacts at the bases and they are very kind people.

I’ll talk about my charity more later. But, it’s a great feeling knowing that I can help bring a smile to a kids face.
I know that everybody has their favorite charities but if you have a couple dollars you would like to give to Children Helping Children it would sure be appreciated. You can do that on my website. Just hit the Charity icon. You can do it with a charge card or just send it through the mail.

So far, I have been able to send over 300 kids who have parents serving our country to amusement parks and fairs.

Hope you have a great day,
Tiffany JO

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