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Tiffany Jo answers YOUR questions!

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34 Responses to “Tiffany Jo answers YOUR questions!”

  1. Neithan says:

    Hi!!Im Arjay from Philippines Im 15 years old and i just want to say that your video cover is awesome your voice its very nice to hear It just like angels singing in front of me I wish that sometimes In my dream I can meet you and well chat all night -=HUGS=- FROM me

  2. Till says:

    Well I could say you answered to haf of my question’s here, indeed we all wish you to be in our country or even our town( mentioned cause my town is the biggest cultural town in Romania) and your talent and feeling it’s indeed a need for our ears… I’m glad I searched music and found you on some websites^^ Keep up the good work*hugs*

  3. dominic says:

    do you have a boyfriend?bye;)

  4. dominic says:

    hi tiffany:)your dog is so cute:)is it a boy or a girl?haha:)take care:);)


  5. dominic says:

    mind blowing yodeling:))awesome how did you do that:)?it was so cool:)

  6. dominic says:

    your so awesome..and very cute to:)take care always…i live in Philippines:)haha.bye

  7. dominic says:

    do you play basketball?

  8. dominic says:

    do you have a friendster account?

  9. dominic says:

    i love your voice:)my name is dominic v. correa:)take care;)bye

  10. dominic says:

    how old are you?:)

  11. mae says:

    wow you have an amazing voice your great at singing and i wish i had a great voice like you…..i think your a role model to those who want to sing and your dream came true and just to say:

  12. kathy says:

    well hi this is kathy,did u get famouse at john cassblancas modeling and carrer school? well i go there any ways i really want to come to ur house!!! do u live in florida? if u do please give me ur adress!!! thanks thanks thanks!!!!

  13. Jessica Miglioretto says:

    Tiffany, I would like you sing the music of singer Shania Twain – You’re Still The One, because in the voice will be beautiful and I love this song! You have a wonderful voice, very beautiful your voice! Congratulations!! Thank you for your attention! By: Jessica (of Brazil)

  14. Jessica Miglioretto says:

    Sorry! error
    this yes!

    Tiffany, I would like you sing the music of singer Shania Twain – You’re Still The One, because in the voice will be beautiful and I love this song! You have a wonderful voice, very beautiful your voice! Congratulations!! Thank you for your attention! By: Jessica (of Brazil)

  15. i love your music like when you sung love story by Mrs.Swift you sound just like her you are my rollmodel bye tiff.jo.!ill be wathing you at you concertes you cant see me but i can see you! bye huggs

  16. hey! i love your singing i love the yodleing thing anyway are you nerves when you preeform? and do you preeform in like parks like the yodleing thing? well thanks tiffany bye!pop star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. maria bater says:

    hi tiffany i want you to hear some of my singing but on your thing you said to go to contact@tiffanyjo.com and i typed that in but it didnt show up is there any other way i can contact you?

  18. Bailee says:

    I SO HOPE YOU WOULD SING AT STOCKTON, MO ……WE HAVE A TALENT SHOW HERE……you would seriously win!!!!!!

  19. Bailee Jones says:

    Please come sing at Stockton Missouri. We have a talent show here in september

  20. bria says:

    you are awesome

  21. Daisy says:

    Tiffany i like very much your vice and yodeling. It´s so cute. I live in spain. Try to answer me ok? Thanks.

  22. Fly says:

    Hello ,
    I am a writer come from Hong kong, Nice to meet you here.
    Your sound is so great .
    I love yours voice so much .
    Look forward your coming performance.
    I hope this music can surround me until the end of my life .
    Enjoy and play with your music and your guitar ever .
    Above all ,keeping your happy face.

    *I have post my web site ,ther is some of my writting , but i think you don’t know chinese .right?That’s not a problem ,maybe oneday you will know that.

    see you next time ..

  23. Basma says:

    I’m not americane I’m french i listen to your muisic it is very good your are butifful!! I don’t speak english !!!

  24. nicole says:

    hey i love it when u sing santa baby

  25. Brittney says:

    omg!!! you should really come to delaware for a annual state fair and perform. That would be sooo ALSOME!!!:)

  26. Sarthak Sahu says:

    Hey, I ask, “When are you going to come to India?”… X)

  27. beth says:

    Hey Will you ever have a british best friend? (like me lol)

  28. Nina says:

    You have a FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL, HANDSOME voice and you are very very nice!! I love to hear you sing this songs.. goodbye!

  29. andressa says:

    eu vi você cantando, tem uma voz e tanto, e eu também amo jonas brothers!
    e Demi Lovato…

    garota você é demais!

    continua cantando que eu vou ser a primeira a comprar seu CD aqui no Brazil! hehehe

  30. leyba says:

    my love story is very difficult but i will tell you anyways my best friend was a guy and he asked me out but i thought of him as a friend only then and so then we were talking and i told him that i liked him and he said he didnt like me like that and besides he was already going out with my other best friend and we got into this huge fight and now he hates me and i still like him but he is not my friend any more i guess so now my life is ruind and allt his happend in less than 1 day but i would like to now your love story email me

  31. Bruno says:

    Hi, Ti. Well, I’m 21 guy from Brazil, and i was passing by you tube when i saw ur video, singing Mercy, and i thougt, at that time, that i was listening to the voice of the future…Ur voice is gorgeous, and ur so pretty…So, i wish u every good things that i can: luck, peace, happiness….never the last, sorry for bad english!!!!..ow! if u have Orkut, add me there, is only search for: Bruno guerretta Belmonte kisses

  32. Taylor says:


  33. Taylor says:


  34. Hannah says:

    Have you ever preformed in NJ? If you haven’t PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do! I love to hear you sing in person. Especially if it was in Marlton, Mount Laurel, of Medford. That would be awesome if you did, so please do!

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