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Has this ever been a busy week! I was asked to do some work on the new Eric Hansen cd!

You all probably know Eric Hansen by now. He is an awesome singer and songwriter.

I met Eric two years ago. Actually, I was performing at the Century Plaza Ballroom in L.A. and a woman in the audience told me about this incredible musician that I should get to know. But, she said the only problem is you will have to travel to Arizona.

Whhhhoooooaaaaaaaaa…….a break! lol

Yes, I came home and called him. He’s coached me the last couple years and has become a friend.
He is recording a new cd and asked me to do some back up harmony.
It was fun and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Now I better get back to “real life” ……geometry!!! Can you believe it. If you only knew how far I got behind when I was sick with that whole latex allergy! I couldn’t do anything because I couldn’t breath. So, now I’m working so hard on school. But, the good news is I”ll finish 9th grade on May 24th!!!!!

Tiffany Jo

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