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Tiffany Jo Records Hip Hop and Rap!!!!!!

Well, I was back in the recording studio yesterday. I got to do more work for an educational publisher.

I love getting to be creative! Yesterday I did hip hop and rap!!!

Now, that was a far stretch from country but it sure was FUN!

Now, all of the songs are on their way to LA to be prepared to go online!

This has been one of my funnest projects!

Stay Cool………it’s 104 here!

Tiffany Jo

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2 Responses to “Tiffany Jo Records Hip Hop and Rap!!!!!!”

  1. magicluvr26 says:

    hi omg u r soo good i love you and i still cant belive ur 15-16 years old it sounds like ur like 26-27
    and like u sort of soung like taylor swift my favourite!!

    love ur #1 fann

  2. Wow, Tiffany, you are such an amazing girl! You work so hard and keep your grades at ABOVE PERFECT and still find time to go to recording studios on other projects!

    Can’t wait to hear more about this project…will we be able to purchase this anywhere?

    I’m happy you are healthy and doing so well.

    I really miss you.

    You have a great Birthday Wednesday! I’ll be there in spirit!

    Love you,

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