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Tiffany Jo Allen

Yodeling and school!

Well today I’ve been learning about lipids, carbohydrates, proteins and the Civil War. Not to mention an anti virus flowchart I’ve been trying to figure out for algebra. But, I really like school this year.
I’m also taking music theory whch is very interesting.
I’ve been writing songs so now maybe I can start charting all the chords to go with them.
I love doing homeschool because I can yodel and sing while I do my work!
I’m trying to do extra work each day and then it will be smooth sailin’ on Friday when we go to Hatch, New Mexico.
WOW is this going to be a fun weekend in Hatch!
Tiffany Jo
p.s. Looks like Katrina did not hit New Orleans at a category 5. Thank goodness, but it sounds like the damage is horrible anyway.

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