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Yodeling Lessons

I always get asked if I have had yodeling lessons. The answer is no. Quite frankly, I have never found anyone close to home who yodeled besides my Nana. You really don’t need yodeling lessons from a great yodeler. You just need to love yodeling. I have heard that you can either yodel or you can’t.

That may be true but I have heard alot of people yodel. Everyone sounds a little different and you just have to see which ones you like to listen to. The main thing is just to do it. I have a lot of friends who want me to work with them on yodeling and they love the idea but then when they start to do it they feel silly.

I guess yodeling is like anything else. If you want to be good you have to practice. It’s never felt like work to me because I just love to yodel.

Tiffany Jo

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  1. Joseph Lim says:

    Yes I have always greatly wanted to yodel but how do I start. I know it is singing in a falsetto voice but how do I get that falsetto voice? Joseph

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